About Hand Engraving

About Hand Engraving


Hand Engraving is a traditional way of engraving which has been done for many years.  As every process is done by hand it gives the finished article a very artistic look. Hand Engraving is extremely veristle and all processes from the marking out of the letters / shape / crest to the cutting of the silver with small chisel like cutters is done by hand which gives a far superior quality to the item than machine or laser engraving which only scratch the surface where by Hand Engraving deeply cuts the silver out.

We not only engrave letters and numbers, but due to the versatility of Hand Engraving we can also offer symbols e.g. Heart shape instead of putting love. If you require a crest, logo or signature on any of our items, please contact us for a price. Some of our items include a name engraved on them, if you do not want the name and require something else instead, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Hand Engraving is a dieing art, nowadays there are less skilled hand engravers around and machines are now being used which do not give the quality and durability that Hand Engraving gives.

Hand Engraving as the name suggests, is done all by hand, no machines are envolved and it is all down to the skill of the engraver.

The engraver uses several different tools to complete the job.

Bullet - This is used to hold the item to be engraved, it swivels around on a pad so that the engraver can engrave the item smoothly.

Gravers - These are like small chisels, the engraver uses several different types depending on what type of cut he is going to make.

Lighting - Good quality lighting is used above the bullet so that the engraver can see clearly what he is doing.

Head Scopes - This is like a magnifing glass which the engraver has strapped to his head so that he can clearly see the detail he is engraving, this is extremely useful when engraving crests where the detail is tiny. Apart from all of these tools these are the only things a Hand Engraver will use, the rest is down to experience.


The Engraving process.

The engraver will dull down the object that he is going to engrave so that he can mark the lettering or picture on that he is going to engrave.  By doing this he can see the positioning of the engraving and if necessary rub off and re-mark out again before engraving to get the best positioning. 


When the engraver is happy with the positioning and look of what he has marked out he will scribe it out with a scribber which will lightly scratch the surface ready for him to engrave.

Once this has been done he can engrave the item with his gravers.  This process involves cutting out the silver with the gravers deeply, following the lines that have been etched on with the scribber.  Several different types of gravers may be used depending on the design required.


Once an item has been engraved it requires polishing which is done on a polishing machine which has polishing mops spinning fast to which you add polishing grease and hold the item on lightly which will eliminate all of the scratches and finish the item off with a lovely highly polished finish.

The item will then be washed out in an ultrasonic, which uses ultrasonic rays and a cleaning liquid in the water to wash the item out.

The item is then lightly wiped over with a salvet.


 Graver Tools used for Hand Engraving