January 31, 2017

Engraved Valentines Gifts

Engraved Valentines Gift Ideas and Quotes

Flowers and chocolates are a popular gift for valentines day but by purchasing a piece of jewellery with your unique engraved message on, you can give your loved one something they can keep and remember forever.

If you are struggling for ideas on what to have engraved here are a few ideas -

“ Love is a promise; love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten”

“My heart is, and always will be, yours.”

“We were supposed to be together. And I knew it.”

“A once in a lifetime love…”

“I promise to love you forever, every single day of forever”

“ Every step I have taken... was to  bring me closer to you.”

Hopefully this has given your some inspiration for that special gift.  Everyone has something different they would like engraved, this is what makes it a unique gift, some people like it engraved for everyone to see, some like it hidden so it is you secret and only the two of you know the wording.  Pick the wording that is close to your heart and means something special to the both of you.

Don't forget Valentines Day - 14th February for your personalised silver gift.

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January 22, 2016

Weekly Twitter Competition

Competition 22nd January 2016

Our competition this week is for these pretty sterling silver blue mother of pearl flower earrings with a single marcasite in the centre.

RT & F to win.

Closing date Friday 29th January 2016 5pm.

Sterling Silver Blue Mother of Pearl Earrings

Competition 13.11.15

Our competition this week is for this beautiful pair of sterling silver mother of pearl drop earrings 

RT & F to win.

Closing date Thursday 19th November 2015 5pm.

Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Earrings

Congratulations to @HazyLou the winner of our competition.


Twitter Competition 23.10.15

This week we are giving away this lovely pair or sterling silver marcasite earrings.

RT & F to win.

Closing date Thursday 29th October 2015.  Good Luck !!


Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl and Marcasite Earrings


Twitter Competition 16.10.15

This week we are giving you the chance to win the lovely sterling silver bead bracelet. 

Good luck, closing date Tuesday 20th October 2015

RT & Follow to win.  

Sterling Silver Blue Bead Bracelet

Congratulations to @wotstarmagic our winner of this lovely bracelet.

Twitter Competition 09.10.15

This week we are giving you the chance to win this beautiful sterling silver owl brooch.  It measures 2.9cm long x 1.8cm wide and come with it's very own gift box.

Good Luck, closing date Tuesday 13th October 2015.

RT & Follow to win.

Congratulations to @_xwalters for this weeks freebie friday winner.

Sterling Silver Owl Brooch


Twitter Competition 02.10.15

This week we are giving away a beautiful pair of sterling silver wavy earrings.

Visit us on Twitter and RT & Follow to win.  

Closing date 6th October 5pm.


Good Luck !!Sterling Silver Wavy Drop Earrings

 Congratulations to @Tamalyn1 for this weeks Freebie Friday competition winner.

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September 21, 2015

What is the meaning of a St Christopher Keyring and Pendant

St Christopher - Patron Saint of Travellers

A St Christopher Pendant or St Christopher Keyring has an image of the St Christopher on the front.

There is a story behind this legend that St Christopher was helping travellers to cross a river and had to carry a child across.  As he was carrying the child, the child seemed extremely heavy.  When they reached the other side of the river the child revealed himself to be the manifestation of the infant christ.  The reason that he had been so heavy was that he himself was carrying the whole weight of the world.

Because of this story St Christopher is known as the Patron Saint of Travellers, his prayer and assistance is usually given to those undergoing long or dangerous journeys.

Engraved St Christopher Keyrings

We sell an oval st christopher keyring and a round st christopher keyring both of these can be hand engraved on the back for that personal message to give to your loved one.


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September 04, 2015

How we Hand Engrave Sterling Silver Jewellery

Here at Personalised Silver we only specialise in Traditional Hand Engraving.

A lot of people do not actually know what is involved in Hand Engraving and think that the process is actually done by a machine or a hand held dremell like tool.

Actually Hand Engraving is a lot more involved than this and requires many years of training to become acomplished in the skill.

What is Hand Engraving ?

Every part of the process of engraving your jewellery item is done by Hand.

Firstly the engraver will mark out the outline of what he would like to engrave.

By outlining it first the engraver can see how the engraving will look and alter anything e.g. entwine the initials more, alter the spacing before making any cuts.

When the engraver is happy, he will start cutting out the silver with small chisel like tools which are called Gravers.

These tools have sharp points and vary in thickness and size so that the engraver can get the depth and shape he requires in each cut.

The engraver then starts making the cuts.  The item is clamped in a bullet which swivels 360 degrees so that the engraver can reach all angles.

It is a very intricate process and you need a very good eye for detail and a steady hand.

When the item has been completed we will polish it to give it that lovely shiney finish.

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April 15, 2015

How to look after your Hand Engraved Sterling Silver Jewellery

Looking After Your Hand Engraved Sterling Silver Jewellery

Sterling Silver tends to tarnish over time, you will see slight yellowing with finger print marks or if the item is left unused for a long amount of time it will show as blackening.  There is no need to panick this can easily be remedied.

After use give your piece of jewellery or silverware a wipe over with a soft cloth or salvet (this is what we use in the jewellery trade).  This takes away the finger prints from the item which cause the tarnishing.  Alternatively you can use a silver polish, just make sure that you use a soft cloth to wipe it on or some cotton wool as you do not want to scratch the item.

Carefully cleaning and maintaining your sterling silver will prevent it tarnishing and will ensure it looks shiney and new for years to come.


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February 24, 2015

Bespoke Orders for Hand Engraved Jewellery

If you would like something a little different or you have your own design or lettering that you would like Hand Engraved on any of our Sterling Silver Jewellery or Gifts.  Email a photo / picture / sketch through to us on

See below a plain sterling silver bookmark that was a bespoke order for a customer.

As hand engraving is as the name suggests is all done by hand we can do any style lettering, design, picture, signature or symbols.

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January 26, 2015

Hand Engraved Crests

Hand Engraved and Seal Engraved Crests

The name Coat of Arms goes back to the 12th century when knights wore helmets which completely concealed their faces, this made them unrecognisable to their friends and enemies.  Therefore to overcome this problem they had lions or beasts painted on the knights shields and banners and overtime on their surcoat (a sleeveless garment which went over their armour) which is where the name coat of arms came from.

Coat of Arms or Family Crest

There is a technical difference between the two terms.

A coat of arms refers to the shield, crest, helmet, mantling and supporters.

A Family Crest usually only refers to the image that is situated on the top of the helmet (the helm).

A coat of arms which bears a name on was originally given to an individual.


We Hand Engrave all of our crests and seals, 


If you would like an item Hand Engraved with a Coat of Arms or Crest please contact us  with your requirements.

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January 12, 2015

Christmas is over - Engraved Valentines Gifts Out Now !

Now that Christmas is over, this is the time to start looking at what you would like to buy your loved one for Valentines Day.

We have a range of Sterling Silver Engraved Lockets, Engraved Heart Bracelets or Mens Engraved Id Bracelets which all make that Ideal Engraved Sterling Silver Gift.


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October 16, 2014

Free UK Post Until 30.11.14

Purchase your Engraved Jewellery Gift early for Christmas.


Free UK Post until 30.11.14 on all Hand Engraved Jewellery and Gifts


We sell Engraved Gifts for all of the family


For Him - A beautiful Personalised Engraved Sterling Silver Leather Id Bracelet which can be engraved on the front or back, with a name, date, message or co-ordinates of a special place.


For Her - A stylish Personalised Hand Engraved Sterling Silver Sweetie Bracelet which can be hand engraved on the front or back of the heart with a message, name or date.


Please take a look through our website for your Ideal Engraved Christmas Gift.

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September 12, 2014

Brand New Website for Personalised Silver 12.09.14

Welcome to our new website.  I hope you find our website easy to navigate around, we will be adding new products each week.


We are going to be putting more photos on the websites of example of the engraving styles.  We usually Hand Engrave in script (fancy style) lettering or block (plain style) lettering.  If there is another style you would like please get in contact with us as we can engrave almost anything. Please see our Engraving Styles page for examples of our work.


Each product has an   ' Engrave This Item'   button, if you click on this you can enter your engraving lettering, it will then show you the cost for the engraving.  Don't forget to select the style of lettering too.


Please use the 'contact us'  button at the bottom of the page or e-mail

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